My name is Vida. I’m 36 years old. I started working out about 11 years ago. I was skinny, thin, and weak with a bone cyst problem. My orthopedic doctor had forbidden me from sports because my skeleton was so thin and fragile. I didn’t like my body. All I wanted was to be a normal girl. My hips were flat, and I didn’t feel sexy.

Encouraged by my best friend, I started going to the gym and got hooked on working out. Day after day, my love and interest in this sport increased so much that my body did not matter to me after a year! I needed this sport mentally because it calmed me down and made me happy and strong.

I continued and managed to get a fitness coaching degree and started working in the gym because I was happy to see people coming there tired and bored and then leave the gym happy and energetic.

When the gyms closed during the pandemic, I decided to start online fitness coaching because I wanted to continue to help people reach their ideal body. I also wanted to alleviate their boredom and share the good feelings and happiness of training them, even in quarantine.

So let’s train our body to keep the mind happy!

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