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ABOUT Georgi Zhelev

My name is Georgi Zhelev. I am a qualified personal trainer with more than 7 years of experience.

Thirteen years ago, as a teenager, I was very skinny with hardly any muscle.  People used to make fun of me by telling me I was ‘very skinny’, it made me lose confidence in myself and doubt my abilities.

I’ve decided to change that and I went to the local gym and started my fitness journey. In the beginning I was so skinny with no muscles that even the lightest weight was heavy for me.

One of my best friends was a famous and successful personal trainer and fitness model in my country. One year after I started my journey he saw my potential and decided to take me under his wing.

For 3-4 years he taught me different techniques, workout routines, movements and all the knowledge he had. In this period I realized how great is to help other people and give them your knowledge.

After this I decided that I wanted to be a personal trainer and I shared the idea with him. Straight away he recommended me to one of the gyms he was working with and I started working there.

Two years after I decided to become a qualified personal trainer. The gym I was working for supported me, so I went to study in the National Sports Academy and I’ve achieved my qualification.

A year after I’ve finished my qualification I moved to London and have been doing what I love the most – helping people, giving them my knowledge, motivating them and changing their life.

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