Through his years as a fitness innovator, Jojo has provided excellent fitness services to clients and the exercise inducts. Jojo’s remarkable ability and creative approach to movement-to-music make him one of the most sought-after fitness consultants worldwide.

Jojo has created fitness programs for a non-profit organization called “In the Spirit”. He is also founder of a yoga teacher training school called Yoga4Soul which as many successful teachers in studios and gyms world wide. The Yoga4Soul (Y4S) Barefoot Boot Camp course was featured in the July/August 2010 issue of American Fitness Magazine as one of the top International unique fusion classes!

Jojo has also created excercise classes such as Power Hour Body4Soul, Soul Spin, and Low Fat Yoga, all programs designed to uplight mind, body and spirit. Jojo brings his remarkable teaching ability and creativity as well as his solid reputation, to the delivery of these programs.

As an athlete, Jojo has also coached and completed various Triathlons, a hobby that he holds a deep passion for. Jojo’s vision is to take classes to the max using his endorphin-pushing skills.

“If I can create a new method for all Americans to enjoy getting into shape, I’ve done my job.”

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