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ABOUT Carlos Serna

Carlos is committed to creating a training environment that inspires individuals to have a healthier lifestyle, and to empower them to challenge themselves to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Carlos has served as a personal trainer since 2001 with certifications from ACE- American Council on Exercise, NFPT- National Federation of Professional Trainers, CPR, and First Aid. Carlos attended C.H.E.K Institute – Corrective Exercise and High-Performance Kinesiology, to further his skills and knowledge in Scientific Core Conditioning, Scientific Back training, and Program Design.

Carlos strives to design workouts that utilize a mix of body weight, resistance, and high-intensity exercises to maximize fat burn and help individuals reach specific fitness goals through a fun yet challenging workout. Among the most rewarding activities, Carlos performs as a personal trainer, is working with Autistic Kids, to assist them in developing their motor skills, overall conditioning, and communications skills by working with them in a group setting.

Whether you want to improve your health, performance, or look and feel better, Carlos can guide you through your journey!

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