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ABOUT Angelena Minniti

Angelena did not decide that she wanted to be an athlete one day. It took time, patience, and a lot of hard work. She grew up playing sports her entire life. It was all she knew as a child. There were no weekends off in the summer.  Every week, she questioned what hotel or gym she was playing for the upcoming AAU basketball tournament. She became a pro at living on the road. Ten pairs of fresh socks in her duffle bag, and she was good. Not only did she play basketball, but she also ran track. She had a natural stride and a lot of speed. That stride carried her through to eventually go on and run track for a Division I school, Saint Joseph’s University. While at SJU running track, she broke numerous school records.

She has been around sports and fitness her entire life. After she graduated, she went on to work as a personal trainer. She has worked one on one with clients, boutique fitness studios and has started her own business. Her specialty is dumbbell strength training and HIIT workouts. She trains the entire body to maximize each and every workout to its fullest potential.

Angelena has one goal, and it is to make her clients feel and look their strongest. She wants everyone to feel confident in their own skin.

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