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Introducing Jac Lacno

Jag has 5 programs available on Trainnr

Introducing Our Trainers: Jag Lacno

Kyra Spaulding, our customer success manager, sat down with Jag Lacno, a trainer from the Philippines. Jag has over 11 years of experience in the industry as a fitness coach and specializes in weight management, functional training, suspension training, Boxercise, natural bodybuilding, overall wellness and much more. Before Jag became a trainer, he worked as an inventory controller. This background has helped him master Trainnr’s platform since he is “used to working different operating systems, different applications, and different platforms.” Jag’s favorite mantra is that “ if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”.

He currently has the following programs up on Trainnr:

  • Floor, Core, and More: A 4-week progressive total body conditioning using little to no equipment. The program addresses the fundamental movement patterns and aims to develop all the components of fitness.

  • Pump and Tone: A 4-week total body toning program uses a 4-day split training system with 2 optional active rest days to address muscle definition and fat loss. Each muscle group will be trained through the use of tri-sets that will surely challenge you while pushing past the so-called “burn”.

  • Intensity 30: A 4-day weekly split that will cycle through interval training, compound movements, metabolic conditioning and other advanced training principles that will yield maximum results

  • Strength and Conditioning 1.0: Starting your fitness journey or coming back from a period of inactivity? This program guides you to proceed with caution by focusing on the important components of fitness and not trying to do too much too soon.

  • Functionality in 3 (weeks): Imbalances in strength and lack of symmetry can cause movement restrictions, postural defects and higher risk of injuries. This 21-day program aims to address these dysfunctions by focusing mainly on isolation exercises that will also challenge and improve stability by developing all muscle groups synergistically.

Check out the full interview below!

Kyra: I’m here with Jag Lacno, Jag can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jag: Hi, Good day. Good evening from my end. I’m Jag Lacno and have been in the fitness industry for more than 11 years now. I became a fitness coach in 2009 and currently hold an international certification as a fitness coach under the International Fitness Professionals Association or the IFPA.

Kyra: Awesome. And Jag, you mentioned evening, where are you from?

Jag: I am currently based here in the Philippines, but I had the privilege to work in Dubai. I believe Dubai can be considered a melting pot of many different nationalities, and my work experience there trained me to deal with people from various demographics.

Kyra: So Jag, why did you choose to go into the fitness industry? Can you walk us through that journey?

Jag: Fitness for me started as a hobby and later became my passion. I started working out consistently in 2006, and in 2008, during my first time in Dubai, I worked as an inventory controller for a retailing company, which also happens to own a franchise with a big international gym brand. As employees, we get free access to the gym. I had met and become friends with several personal trainers, and I got to understand what the nature of the job is like, which very much suits my passion to help change the life of others. When the global financial crisis hit in 2009, I was one of those who got laid off and I decided to return back home to the Philippines. I then decided to change career and pursue my love for fitness, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kyra: Wow, that is quite the journey. That’s amazing. And I think you mentioned earlier what year you started training, but what stage in your life did you begin training?

Jag: I started working out in 2006, so at the very young age of 22. I have been really active since high school playing different kinds of sports, but I started lifting weights when I was 22 and I never stopped since then.

Kyra: You mentioned lifting weights. Is that what you would consider your specialty?

Jag: Yes, it is. My strength as a fitness coach would be in the areas of strength and conditioning, weight management, fat loss, functional training, natural bodybuilding, suspension training using PRS and other bands, high intensity interval training , overall wellness and the likes.

Kyra: Wonderful how many areas you cover. I’d be curious to know what motivates you as a personal trainer?

Jag: I am a born competitor. I welcome challenges, but I believe that our biggest competition is ourselves. As they say, fitness is not about being better than others, it’s about being better than you used to be.

Kyra: I love that, being better than you used to be. Is that what you would consider the biggest takeaway point that you always try to push on to your clients when you work with them?

Jag: Yes, but one of my favorite mantras training clients is that if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. No one said the process would be easy, but also no one said it will be impossible. I believe people and rubber bands have one thing in common. You have to be stretched in order to see a difference.

Kyra: People and rubber bands, I like this comparison of being flexible. Have you found that you’ve needed to be a little bit more flexible and adjustable with your teaching techniques given the pandemic? Has it affected you and your business?

Jag: The pandemic has given most fitness professionals the opportunity to be more creative in terms of program design, because almost everyone needs to abide by stay-at-home policies imposed by our local government. That also means our clients have less access to work out equipment. This means we need to find and offer modification in terms of our exercise routines or in terms of our program design, based on what the clients have in the comfort of their own homes.

Kyra: Could you tell us maybe one of your more creative solutions in terms of equipment?

Jag: For those who don’t have weights, dumbbells or kettlebells in their home, they can use water bottles or they can use their body weight alone. I am currently training a client. We’ve been training since March of this year. We are primarily doing bodyweight exercises, but the programs are never monotonous. We’re never ordinary. It never gets boring.

Kyra: Why Trainnr? What are you most excited about with this platform?

Jag: For a few years now I always had this vision. I wanted to find something that’s like an Uber for fitness because I want to find ways on how to make exercise more convenient. Training for most people is quite intimidating in itself, so we have to find solutions, not excuses in order for them to stay consistent in their workout regimen. The Trainnr platform does just that. It allows most people to break the barriers into living a more active life.

Kyra: Do you think that Trainnr would also help you keep clients accountable and motivated during quarantine?

Jag: Everyone, in my opinion, would stay motivated if they see progress, and the features of Trainnr will help both the client and the coaches keep track of progress. If you are not assessing, it means you’re just guessing. But with Trainnr, you’re checking in with your clients which will help them to be more accountable as well.

Kyra: You mentioned working as a controller before becoming a personal trainer. I am curious if any of the skills and experience you had as a controller translated to your style as a personal trainer.

Jag: Being an inventory controller is mostly a desk job. I think one of my advantages as someone coming from a different field is that I can easily handle technology more than other coaches because I’m used to working different operating systems, different applications, and different platforms. I have found it quite easy to navigate to the Trainnr platform.

Kyra: Great. So Trainnr was easy to use, that’s wonderful feedback.

Jag: It’s very user-friendly.

Kyra: How will Trainnr help you and your clients alike?

Jag: For me, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘work-life balance’. I still get to do what I love while providing for my family and most importantly, spend quality time with my loved ones. Now with Trainnr, it will allow me to sustain and enjoy this valuable moment longer, and I feel it will also take quite a while before everyone gets comfortable going back to the old ways of working out in the gym and having an in-person coach. It will be very fitting to have a hybrid approach to fitness coaching.

Kyra: We’re so glad that Trainnr improves your ‘work-life balance’. Wanting to be mindful of your time, I think this wraps up our little Q&A. It was lovely to chat with you, Jag. Thank you for your time

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