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Introducing Trainnr: Personalized Training, Reinvented.

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Personal fitness for everyone, regardless of your location or budget.

As more people settle into a new normal following the onset of COVID 19, individuals and families around the world are seeking at home fitness solutions and fitness professionals are seeking ways to innovate and adapt to the shift from in person training and fitness classes to digital. In response to this need, today we launched the Trainnr platform, providing personal trainers a free, technology based solution to connect with their clients.

Globally, people are seeking at-home workout solutions tailored to their specific needs. Creating, distributing, and managing personalized workout plans is difficult to scale, trainers can only spend so much time customizing plans instead of actively coaching. The growing customer demand for fitness professionals that will provide customized online training is the problem Trainnr solves. Trainnr provides clients with a personalized training experience, and trainers with a set of tools that easily connect them to these clients without the technological hassle of launching a platform on their own.

Trainnr is a web and mobile based fitness app. Trainers are able to upload and organize content (exercises) into custom workout plans for clients via the Instructor Studio app. Trainnr utilizes an innovative approach to delivering efficient, custom workouts to clients. Our goal is to create a platform that makes personalized fitness accessible, affordable, and available to anyone 24/7.

Trainnr is currently available to any trainer ready to create content and start serving existing clients. In the coming weeks, the Trainnr fitness command center will launch to give clients access to an easy to navigate training marketplace in combination with an app that will keep them organized, engaged, and accountable.

“I love the mission to bring fitness to more people online, this year we’re craving that and that’s the way of the future. The platform is easy to use, and I love that I can create these programs to help people be consistent and build healthy fitness habits.” Jess Penesso, beta Trainnr trainer, said.

There are currently more than 320k fitness and health apps available to consumers. According to studies conducted by the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, 25% of consumers identified “embracing fitness tech” as the top industry trend of 2019. The momentum this trend has picked up shows no indication of a slowdown with 41% of Americans having used a fitness app for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the rise of at-home fitness programs, 56% of Americans claim they plan to cancel their gym memberships creating a larger demand for the at-home fitness market. Unfortunately, the average American typically has to piece together a complete workout program via the utilization of multiple apps rather than relying on a one size fits all standard.

“Moving from a 100% face to face business to a hybrid online model has been challenging. There’s a lot of technology required to create, distribute, and monetize fitness content. Trainnr takes all of the complexity out of this process with a simple easy to use platform that allows me to create 7 – 30 day programs in less than 30 minutes.”

Some trainers have found success curating their own apps; however, this is a time consuming and costly process that does not pay off for everyone. With 750k trainers in the United States, app creation is not a viable solution for the majority. Some tech-savvy trainers have developed solutions for monetizing digital training by using a variety of platforms such as, Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, PayPal, Venmo, and Excel. Juggling all these platforms is a daunting task for most, between keeping track of client information and content creation this can easily become overwhelming. The Trainnr platform aims to take this burden off the shoulders of trainers and allow them to focus on training. Our platform helps deliver a more efficient way to provide custom workout plans and pricing options for every client and trainer. Your success is our success.

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We had a virtual sit-down with our founders of Trainnr to share their vision and answer our questions to learn more about Trainnr and what it can do for coaches and clients.

You can watch the video of this interview here:

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