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Anna Wasag – Weight Training & HIIT Expert

Meet Anna Wasag

Anna Wasag is a featured trainer on the Trainnr marketplace. We sat down with her to learn more about her and her story; Anna’s experiences led her to be a great trainer and someone who is motivated by her desire to see her fitness clients succeed. Learning about her background will help you be able to fully appreciate the hard work she puts into her custom fitness routines for people just like you.

Keep reading to learn more about Anna, her fitness routines, and how her story has affected every aspect of her fitness and how that experience will help her shape goals for you.


Anna has always been interested in sports. Growing up, she was surrounded by sports, both team and individual; all of her friends and family participated in a wide variety of activities from fencing to soccer and even horseback riding! She tried her best in all of these activities, and quickly learned how to cooperate with others and push herself to improve in everything she does.

She loves trying new activities in order to learn what works for her and what doesn’t; it was quickly apparent that horseback riding wasn’t for her when her allergies kicked in and nearly knocked her off her feet! Returning to her favorite activities while still learning new ones allowed her to move her body in a wide variety of ways and train all of her muscles.

When Anna stepped into the gym, she felt that she had an unfair advantage. A lot of people don’t start their fitness journey as young as Anna; many adults in the US don’t discover a passion for personal fitness until they are adults. This is because many people aren’t concerned about their health until it becomes a problem, according to HealthDay. She felt that because she was always surrounded by sports and activity that she was able to achieve the results she was looking for quickly and more efficiently than those around her in the gym..


Anna works with people of all ages and fitness levels. Her workouts are fast paced and designed to help you build strength and target fat loss.

These workouts require a lot of energy, and Anna wants you to give your best effort during every exercise! Anna will help you understand why maintaining form is so important, and teach you how to do so regardless of how tired you become.

Combining weights, movement, and a whole lot of effort, Anna’s routines are sure to leave you sweating and feeling great.

Her HiiT (high intensity interval training) program is a twenty one day long course that aims to help you gain strength and build endurance. All you need is a yoga mat and dumbbells. Not only are the videos easy to follow, but they also include a series of warmups to loosens up your muscles and get you ready to go. Remember, stretching and warming up are critical to working out safely and remaining injury free.

If weight lifting is more your thing, Anna also provides a thirty day dumbbell routine. This routine was designed for people who want progress and get fit, but don’t have a lot of time. It targets all of your muscle groups, giving you a well-rounded workout. A pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat are all you need, no gym or additional workout equipment needed.

Anna also teaches multiple programs without weights, such as her fourteen day tummy tuck and twenty one day booty sculpting routines. These routines only require a yoga mat to participate.

Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

Not only does lifting weights increase muscle and decrease fat, but it is also good for your health as you get older. Muscle degrades quickly as you age, so having muscle will help you stay mobile and independent so you can live your dream life for as long as possible.

Many physicians along with the CDC have conducted studies that show building muscle helps you lose weight. This is because muscle burns more calories than fat. Even when you are resting, your metabolism is higher and you will burn more calories. This means the more muscle you have, the easier it is to lose more weight as you will be burning more calories with your metabolism.

Lifting weights is also good for your joints and bones. Muscles help support your bones, so having more muscle helps prevent breaks. Bones get more fragile as you age, so having muscle to support them is a good way to help prevent injury. Lifting often helps your joints as well; the more you exercise, the stronger the tendons and muscles supporting the joints. Exercise can reduce joint pain and swelling, as well as helping prevent sprains and soreness in the joints.

Exercises like weight lifting are also great for preventing injury. Exercising more and building muscle helps you stay balanced and coordinated, preventing injury. As mentioned before, weight lifting strengthens your joints; your tendons get larger and stronger, allowing you to lift things without getting hurt.

While most people don’t think of weight lifting when they think of heart-healthy exercises, it can improve your heart health just as well as other exercises. While it may not be targeted directly at the heart, lifting does get your heart rate pumping and helps decrease the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. You may want to employ more cardio in your routine if you are at high risk of heart problems, but for the average person, Anna’s routine is a great way to get your blood pumping and keeping your heart strong.


You may be tempted to grab the heaviest weights and start with those so you make fast progress, but this can be dangerous and is not recommended. Pushing yourself too hard can cause tears, strains, and a lot of pain.

One of the most important things isn’t the weight, but the number of repetitions you can do with it. Start with a light weight you can lift a few times without taking a break. You may feel silly using light weights, but no one at Trainnr is here to judge; we are here for your health, safety, and improvement. Starting off right is the best way for us to help you.

Pay attention to form; using proper form prevents injuries and makes lifting the weights easier. Watch and listen closely to Anna to be sure you are exercising safely. If it hurts or doesn’t feel right, stop and take a break. After the pain is gone, pay careful attention to your form. Feeling a little pain is normal, but you should stop or choose an easier exercise if the pain is intense.

After some time, you may not feel winded by the weights you are using. This is the proper time to move up to a heavier weight. Don’t go up too much; take your time to get used to new weights and be extra sure you are lifting safely. New weights change your center of balance and it may take some time to adjust. This is the time to be careful and make sure your form is correct so you don’t injure yourself.

Rest is very important when it comes to weights. Your muscles need time to rest to become stronger. This is because when you work out, you make microscopic tears in the muscle. New tissue fills this in and helps growth, making your muscles larger and stronger. Taking a break for a day or two in between exercises is ideal.

The most important takeaway here is that you need to listen to your body. If your weight feels too heavy or something feels wrong or hurts, stop and take a break. Drink water and rest your body after intense exercise. Your body will tell you if the exercises you are doing are right for you or if you need something a little less intense.


After learning how fitness works for her and what it means to be fit, Anna decided she needed to share this with the world and got her certification to be a personal trainer. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, though now all of her work is online.

Online work is harder as she finds it is more difficult to connect on a personal level with her clients when there is a screen between them. She still tries her best to encourage everyone to be the best person they can be.

Anna started modelling as a teenager, posing for upcoming photographers. A year later, she was approached by a company based in Chicago. Her dream of modelling for money was coming true. She worked with a lot of brands and got to explore different communities while learning more about herself and her fitness journey.

After deciding to share her love of fitness with the world as a personal trainer, Anna stopped modelling. Though it is now in her past, she still makes sure she looks great; not for photos though, but for herself and her own self confidence. Her health and feeling good has priority over everything else.

Though she works with all age groups and levels of fitness, Anna’s main focus has always been hard working individuals who are willing to go the extra mile for their own health. They leave excuses at the door and give their all during her training sessions. These people know that the attitude they bring to the gym is translated exactly into what they get out of it. Working out increases their ability at work; all of the endorphins released during and after a hard workout make it feel like you can do anything, even nail that presentation or speak up in a meeting!

Personal Life

Even though Anna was always into fitness, she never felt completely comfortable in her own skin. Though she was in great shape, her inner critic made her believe she should cover up. She never went swimming and always wore baggy clothes. She always made sure to cover up.

After she decided to become a personal trainer, her goals shifted. Instead of just being active, she wanted more guidance in her workouts. With bodybuilding and strength training, she learned not only things about her body and fitness, but things about herself.

Anna says that this new mindset taught her patience, resilience, discipline, and perseverance. With this in mind, she worked harder than ever before. Not only did she reach her goal body, but she also learned how to embrace her imperfections and see the beauty within her. She knows now that her body is great; even if it isn’t perfect.

Anna believes that the body is not meant for perfection or appearance, it is meant to keep you healthy and be a vehicle to reach your goals.

After Anna became more confident in her body, she began modelling. She spent many years modelling for various photographers and companies.

She has learned if you carry extra weight on your body, there is probably weight on your mind as well. If you can turn around your body, your mind should be no problem! Exercising not only helps you look and feel better, but also teaches you important skills like being determined, focused, and efficient.

Anna says if you are looking to start working now, there is no time in the present. Though it feels scary, once you take the first step, you will be amazed at how good you feel and the next step will be easier. There is no perfect time to begin, so why not now?

Another problem Anna had in the past was that she put all of her time into work. Even though she was training her body, she was also neglecting it. She had an irregular schedule, sleepless nights, and she worked long days. Taking back her health and putting that in the forefront of her mind allowed the workouts she was doing to energize her instead of drain her, and the rest of her life improved.

Exercise also helped Anna in other ways; it really helped her have a positive attitude and improve her mental state. Her brain was better mentally and emotionally, but also physically. Exercise brings more oxygen to the brain.

Staying healthy and feeling good are Anna’s main goals for you, and she wants all of your effort in her routines. Sign up for a free trial and train with Anna today!

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