• What is Trainnr?

    Trainnr is an all-in-one health and fitness “marketplace” that connects personal trainers and clients/users. Trainnr also allows instructors and trainers to expand their client base and extend client support beyond in-person workouts. Through our tools and mobile apps, Trainnr creates a seamless client connection through our user mobile app which allows any user to follow workouts & programs anytime, anywhere.

    If you are a trainer or instructor who is looking to make more money, connect better with your current clients, improve your online training, or expand your client base – Trainnr is the perfect platform for you.

    If you are interested in health and fitness, or want to get in better shape, lose weight, or find a fitness program or instructor that matches your interest, needs, goals and budget – Trainnr is the perfect platform for you. Trainnr is an open marketplace for fitness content which means we have the ability to offer the largest variety of fitness types, instructors and trainers, and even programs and workouts.

  • Who can join?

    If you are interested in health and fitness, or want to get in better shape, lose weight, or find a fitness program or instructor that matches your interest, needs, goals and budget – Trainnr is the perfect platform for you. Trainnr is an open marketplace for fitness content which means we have the ability to offer the largest variety of fitness types, instructors and trainers, and even programs and workouts.

  • What is a program?

    You can select a program from a broad variety of trainers. Each of these programs contain specific workouts that fit the type of exercise that you are looking for. Programs range in a variety of different lengths as well, some as short as a 7 day program to a 30 day program. Guided exercises each day of the week, including rest days. Once you subscribe to a program you have access to the guided exercises.

  • What is a subscription?

    In order to use a program, you must subscribe (other than our free trails). A subscription is a way of supporting the trainers and paying for the workouts and guided exercises within the program. A diverse amount of programs allow you to find the one that fits your budget.

  • What does it mean to be a member?

    Signing up and joining the Trainnr community is how you become a member. At Trainnr we strive to have amazing Customer Service. When you become a member we want to help you find the perfect program. We want to help you reach your goals.

  • What is Trainnr's cancellation policy?

    Trainnr wants you to be absolutely satisfied with your online personal training. If you are not satisfied with the service provided you can email and we will work with you to make it right!

  • I'm new to training, is Trainnr right for me?

    YES! Our trainers are perfect for beginners, and for the experts. With the wide variety of programs you can find one that’s just right for you, or we can help you find one. Beginners looking for help and experts looking to reach that extra level of intensity, Trainnr has something just for you.

  • What are the different Trainnr Products?

    The Trainnr platform consists of three different and unique, interconnected products.

    Instructor Studio – The web-based application created for instructors and trainers to upload content to the Platform. This is where instructors/trainers will upload exercise videos to create and customize workouts as well as create, customize, and distribute programs through the platform. This is also where Instructors will set pricing on all their programs.

    Member App (also referred to as the user app) – The user end app is available to everyone and supported for free. This is where users will find programs, workouts and trainers as well as follow, track and complete workouts and programs.

    Instructor App – The instructor-based app that connects to the Instructor Studio account an instructor has already created. This is where they can find simple tools and advanced analytics to manage and view their on-line training content and clients on the Trainnr platform.

  • Who can join?

    Anyone is welcome to join the Trainnr Platform. It’s free to download and join the app. You just must be at least 13 years of age, and if you are under the age of 18 you must get parental consent to sign up.

  • How much does it cost?

    Trainnr is 100% free to download and join for everyone. 

    For users – pricing of programs is up to the trainer or instructor to set. Users can view and trial the first two days of any program or workout on the Trainnr Platform before they decide to subscribe to it. After the trial period, to continue that program a subscription must be purchased.

    For trainers – there is no usage fee, but there is a small platform transaction fee whenever a program is sold to upkeep services, develop new features and improve products.


  • Where is it available?

    Trainnr is available for all markets worldwide and since it can be accessed on the web, anyone with data or internet connection has access to Trainnr.

  • Can I access it anywhere?

    Yes, if you have data or an internet connection, you can access Trainnr anywhere and anytime.

  • Can I airplay or cast my programs to a TV or larger device than my phone?

    Yes, a lot of people like to workout at home or in small gyms and phone screens can be a little too small for following a workout or program so we made it easy by allowing anyone to airplay or chrome cast to a connected device or TV.

  • I’m having issues accessing my account, who can I report this to?

    If you are having issues accessing your account, double check the email id and password you have entered is correct. If you still cannot access your account use the password reset link in the login form. If you still cannot access your account after resetting your password, send us an email at:

  • I’m having issues with the app or certain features, what can I do?

    If you are facing any issues with our platform, such as a bug or crash, or if you are having a problem accessing certain content or features, check that you have the latest app version available. If you do have the latest version and are still facing issues, you can send us an email at: and we will help you in any way we can. Please describe the issues or problems in as much detail as possible so we can provide the best level of support.

  • How do I sign up?

    You can signup at

  • How do I delete my account?

    If you no longer want to have a Trainnr account and would like all your data to be permanently deleted you can send us an account deletion request by emailing us at Please keep in mind that once an account is deleted all data and history will be deleted permanently and you will not be able to access it again.

  • What does it mean to be a trainer on Trainnr?

    Trainnr only succeeds when you succeed. Trainnr is the first dedicated fitness marketplace. We want to take the hassle out of growing your own business. Having a profile allows you to be accessible globally to clients looking for a personal training or fitness program. Our marketplace allows you to be easily searchable and matched with clients that fit their fitness style, expertise, experience, and goals. We constantly promote and pay for paid and organic client traffic so there are always new clients looking for a fitness program or personal trainer.

  • What is a subscription/ How do subscriptions work?

    A subscription is the cost that a client pays for your online personal training program. You set the price of the subscription on your page, allowing you control of your return per subscription.

  • What can Trainnr provide me?

    If you are a trainer who is looking to make more money, connect better with your current clients, improve your online training, or expand your client base – Trainnr is the perfect platform for you.

  • How do Trainers or Instructors make money?

    Trainers or instructors create set prices for workout programs through our instructor studio. Clients subscribe to your workout plans. At the end of each month, all your sales will be released into your PayPal/bank account.

  • What is the Trainnr’s Platform Fee?

    The Trainnr Platform Fee is a small 15% transaction fee on any and all sales. If you do not sell anything, you will not be charged anything. Whenever you do sell a program, we take a 15% fee so that we can continue to keep our service running, develop great new features and improve our products so you can improve your online training even more and make more money.

  • Can I keep my current clients?

    Absolutely! We also encourage you to tell your current clients about Trainnr. It’s free for them to join and sign up.

  • What if I don’t currently have clients?

    Not a problem. We encourage all qualified trainers to join our platform. We will help market your products and services, allowing clients to find you.

  • Can I do more than just create/sell programs?

    You bet! We have built in communication tools that allow trainers to interact and follow up with clients. We also allow you to get insight and data on all your clients and their progression with your programs.

  • What features will my clients get with my app?

    Clients will be able to access, subscribe and view any of your programs. Additionally. they will have the ability to follow and track their progress with any program they are subscribed to. They also will have messaging features that will allow them to connect with you through our chat function so they can ask any question or discuss any issues they may be having, as well as provide you with feedback and progress they’ve been making.

  • How will my clients get the app?

    Your clients can download the user app. Additionally, you can also text, email, or social share download links which will take them to their respective app store for download.

  • How will my clients find my programs?

    We have created unique share links for each program you create so that you can share these on your social media accounts, or text or email them to clients and/or followers. This allows you to have an easy way to onboard current or even new clients.

  • What if I don't have a gym or weights at home?

    Not a problem at all! Trainnr has a wide variety of workouts and programs. There are programs tailored to your specific needs. From workouts with all the weights in the gym to no weights or equipment needed at all and everything in between.

  • How much does it cost for an online personal trainer?

    Online personal training programs are tailored specifically for you, costs vary from as little as $5. Meaning you pay $5 for the whole program, and not just a day!

  • How is Trainnr different from a traditional trainer?

    You now have a personal trainer in your pocket! You are able to reach a wider variety of trainers that are tuned to your specific needs all around the world or in your home town. You are able to workout on the go, at home, at the park, absolutely anywhere. Trainnr provides unlimited workouts, nutrition plans, and more with an affordable price.

  • How do I turn off Auto-Renew?

    You can turn off auto renew by going to your account profile, clicking on settings, then clicking on manage subscriptions, from there you should see a list of all your active subscriptions and a toggle button for auto-renew that you can switch off. By default, this will be on, however, you can turn this off at any time by clicking on the toggle button.

  • How do I cancel a subscription?

    You can cancel a subscription by turning off auto-renew. (To turn off auto renew, see previous question.)

  • How do I update my billing?

    You can update your billing by going to your account settings, clicking on billing information, and adding your new card or billing information. If you have any issues doing this or need any help, email us at:

  • What do I do if my attempted purchase failed to go through?

    If you attempt to subscribe to a program and it fails to go through, you should check your payment method and double check if you were still charged. If you were not charged, then try reprocessing the payment once more. If you are still having issues and all the information is correct, email us at:

  • How can I request a refund?

    We do not provide refunds of any type unless a fraudulent charge has occurred, or if you happened to purchase a program that has content that violates our terms of use policy. If you think one of these has occurred, please email us at

  • What do I do if I was charged for something I did not purchase?

    If you believe you were charged for something fraudulently or for something you did not purchase, please email us at


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